Self confident. Empowered. Purpose driven 

That's the woman we want to see in YOU!

We get up every morning to make a difference to women so that they have healthy body, increased consciousness and we actually begin to see real feminine focus change coming in our world.

Take charge of your thoughts and feelings and embrace yourself for who you are. Be the woman that loves the skin she is in. Feel free in both your mind and body. Join NOW BE YOU team of holistic mentors in a magical journey of Feminine Power Tools and empowering Be You practices. We promise that you will leave our programs feeling stronger, confident and able to open the doors to your wisdom, creativity and courage.  

FREE gift - 3 powerful meditations

BE YOU retreats hold a space for ANCIENT WISDOM together with a modern perspective on CONSCIOUS FEMININITY

  • TANTRA, YOGA, BREATH WORK and DEEP MEDITATIONS merged and adapted to modern life through "BE NEW" practice series  
  • Answers to your inner questions 
  • Guidance for your spiritual growth 
  • Activate your self love, confidence, sexual wisdom, sensuality and intuition  
  • Release old fears, patterns and bad experiences with deepening self hypnotherapy techniques  
  • Manifest your dream reality
  • Be part of the program that is being channelled "live"
  • Receive powerful initiations that awaken your inner wisdom
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We are happy to receive hundreds of testimonials from our program attendees. Here are a few.


Restaurant owner, patissier, 62 yo, Lithuania

"When I just came here I understood I have been going towards this inner journey my whole life. I‘m leaving free and positive and I wish for all the women to experience this kind of feeling."


Singer, 35 yo, Spain

“Sometimes we’re going through our life and we think we don’t have time for such things. But if we just stop and listen to ourselves we might realise we’re going in the completely wrong direction and don’t even know about it. We have to connect with ourselves to get the answers we need.”


Doctor, psychologist, 56 yo, Lithuania

"This retreat is an actual school – school of life. You get something bigger than information found in the books, than lessons given by our parents or teachers. We are being taught by the personal experience and deep connection with ancient wisdom and inner self and such experience is priceless. "


Project manager, 29 yo, Lithuania

“The moment I decided to come to this retreat my life changed. I can’t explain such magic but everything around me started moving. Some people walked out of my life and I thought it was a bad thing but now I understand that everything happened for a reason.”

Meet Now BE YOU team

Leonora Be You

Psychologist, personal development and meditation guide, book author


Ieva Blekaitytė

Life coach, HR professional

Eglė Blekaitytė

Retreat coordinator, business consultant Soulbrandig specialist

Vytautas Vaičaitis

Sound and food alchemist

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